How So?

Apparently everything happens for a reason.
If so, then there are times when maybe
I’d rather not know the reasons.
Death happens, but what reason is good enough?
Did fate just not want the world to include that person?
Or did God just think that the people who loved that person
Should be punished by having to live without him?
No good reason behind death.

Apparently change is good.
But what if it was perfectly fine before?
Why change what needs not to be?
If a great friend was find just the way she was,
Why is it good that she changed into a bad one?
What reason was there for that, too?
Did great and wonderful fate have something against
The people who had this person as a great friend,
And found the need to ruin that great friend?

Everything happens for a reason.
When something happens, it changes.
Change is good.
So things happen for the better, right?
A ruined best friend and death
Happened for a reason, and, according to this,
Changed for the good.
How so?