It was something I hated
My previous experiences were traumatic
I avoided the subject
I feared it

Then you happened
You snuck past my walls
And held the vulnerable parts of me
Your touch repaired years of damage

December 15, 2021


You are something special
No words are worthy enough to describe you
No words can describe how much you mean to me
I search for the right sentiments
I feel inadequate because I cannot find them
What you write resonates in my heart
Your words breathe life into my soul
Illuminate and fill my dark and empty world
These emotions I feel, incredible that they’re mine
I previously had only read about being in love
Dreamed about it, imagined what it’d be like
I always longed for exactly what we have now
You are something special
I wish I could find the right words
And arrange them in the right order
To display to you and the world
Exactly what you mean to me

December 14, 2021


I found you in my darkest chapter yet
Nothing felt worthy, I felt unworthy
I’d become so numb, so jaded
And you are my breath of fresh air
You are my safety, my light, my rock
You are the reason I wake up in the morning
I want to live so as to not leave you alone
You promised to never let go
I’m holding you to that promise

November 16, 2021


I’ve never been much into romance
Sappy texts and mushy sentiments
Keep that shit far away from me

You tell me every three seconds
How beautiful I am
What I mean to you
How you miss me
How much you care
That I’m your world

I cannot get enough
I hate going to bed
Because dreams
Just don’t compare
I wake up immediately
Just to read your texts
I risk getting reprimanded
At work to text you
Because I miss you

I have never been like this
I didn’t know I’d love it

I didn’t know I’d love you

November 9, 2021

Until You

I didn’t know what I wanted
Until you presented yourself
I didn’t know what it’s like
To connect so deeply
Until I connected with you
I didn’t know what it’s like
To be loved unconditionally
Until I was loved by you

November 8, 2021


He made the first move
That was on him
You gave him a second chance
He threw that away
That, too, was on him
Don’t lose sleep over this
Let me take your pain
I sleep better knowing
I did everything I could
For my family

November 1, 2021

Heart Palpitations

When my name pops up in your notifications
When you’re scrolling and see my name pass
When I say your name or look in your eyes
When I enter a room and you see my face
Does your heart skip beats like mine does?

October 31, 2021

Planting Flowers

It’s like banging your head against a wall
You go through and plant flowers
Because your manager told you to
Arrange them nicely, water them
Everything you’re supposed to do
Then the next person goes through
And digs them up, rearranges them
Or finds a way to unwater them
Something you didn’t think possible
As you try to fix what was undone
You get pulled to do something else
Then your managers screams at you
Because the seeds won’t grow

October 22, 2021