A while ago, I was going to start a poem exchange with my cousin Jessi, but that didn’t amount to much, just like most things in my life. But I wrote a bunch of haikus that I forgot to post. (I almost forgot to add them to my master list of poems, too.) So they’re late but posted on here now. I also finally remembered to add photos from two years ago. Guess something good did come from today. The day hasn’t been entirely wasted.

Adventures, Part II

A couple years ago, I went on another adventure with another close friend and coworker, John. We went to the same spot along Route 42 that Stephanie and I went to, because it’s one of my favorite places in this world (so far). I got more really nice shots. We went in August instead of October this time, and because my hiking partner wasn’t on crutches, we went up way farther, too. I hope to go on more amazing adventures soon.

Sleeping Life Away

Wake up at nine, can’t keep eyes open
Go back to sleep until eleven
Start nodding off playing Sims
Fall asleep on the couch until noon-thirty
Feel like the day is wasted, so take another nap
Wake up at two, have zero energy to do anything
Stare at the computer screen
Nothing to do but sleep

Septmeber 11, 2021


The marijuana at night puts me to sleep
And the coffee wakes me the next morning
The Benedryl at work is to calm me
And the Monster to wash it down keeps me awake
I do anything not to feel while staying conscious
Feelings weigh me down when all I want is to float

September 10, 2021

I Can’t

I’m trying to get to you
But the thought of you keeps fading
Will I get to you before you completely disappear?
Any hold on you I think I have is fleeting
Time keeps passing by too quickly
And before I know it, it’s too late
I can’t get to you

September 7, 2021

My View

Start at a dead-end
But force a path through
A path that should already exist
Severe accident, never the same
Daily accidents as a result
But continue on, pretending
That all is fine, all is normal

Your path is lonely, alienating
People know you’re there
They can smell you a mile away
Some are mean and tell you
The rest keep their distance

Create a bypass
To avoid the unsafe path
But neglect maintenance
Become an unsightly cancer
But continue on, pretending

If you can’t rely on yourself
You rely on no one, nothing
Everything crumbles
You’re questioning everything
Pushing everyone away

Remove the bypass
Resume on the flawed path
Which remains unchanged
Nothing is said about that
But continue on, pretending

You can’t love someone else
If you don’t love yourself
You can’t trust someone else
If you don’t trust yourself
You can’t live with someone else
If you can’t live with yourself

Years of travel smoothed the flawed path
By some miracle of life
Still some accidents, still too many
But continue on, pretending
That all is fine, all is normal

August 25, 2021