Heart Palpitations

When my name pops up in your notifications
When you’re scrolling and see my name pass
When I say your name or look in your eyes
When I enter a room and you see my face
Does your heart skip beats like mine does?

October 31, 2021

Planting Flowers

It’s like banging your head against a wall
You go through and plant flowers
Because your manager told you to
Arrange them nicely, water them
Everything you’re supposed to do
Then the next person goes through
And digs them up, rearranges them
Or finds a way to unwater them
Something you didn’t think possible
As you try to fix what was undone
You get pulled to do something else
Then your managers screams at you
Because the seeds won’t grow

October 22, 2021

Don’t Leave

Please don’t leave me
Not until I can see you
I’d love to hold you in my arms
At least just one time
I swear, it will be worth it
At least, it will be an experience
Thoughts of you have kept me alive
But the thoughts are fleeting
So please don’t go, not just yet

October 20, 2021

Sleeping Life Away

Wake up at nine, can’t keep eyes open
Go back to sleep until eleven
Start nodding off playing Sims
Fall asleep on the couch until noon-thirty
Feel like the day is wasted, so take another nap
Wake up at two, have zero energy to do anything
Stare at the computer screen
Nothing to do but sleep

Septmeber 11, 2021