A Taste of Love

I found love somewhere I wasn’t looking
At the one time I was content with myself
You took me by surprise and my breath away
Storming through my defenses, all my walls
Leaving me completely vulnerable and scared
You opened your arms, offered protection
What could I do but fall for your sweet talking
I knew your plan the entire time; we all did
But I looked past it, begged for it to change
Not sure how you really felt, if it was true
On my end, at least, I knew it was real
Despite all the arguments, tears, and pain
You had created a false sense of security
I felt like I was half of something bigger
One half of the love that I thought we shared
I knew it was never true, but it still felt nice
Maybe like a placeholder for the real thing
You shattered me into a million little pieces
I let you, even though I knew it was all a lie
Real heartbreak can’t come from fake love
And I put myself back together rather quickly
Only to run back to you for a second chance
Still knowing that it would end the same way
But hoping there was a small possibility
For a brief moment, you gave me a taste of hope
When it proved to be a lie, I wasn’t surprised
I’ve given up on any chance of you and me
After a taste of unreal and unconditional love
I’m yearning for experience with the real thing

October 28, 2012

How Much Longer

Looking at the night sky
Do you see the same stars?
Passing people on streets
Might one be you? Know you?
Ticking minutes rush by
Which will be the one?
Past, present, or future
Has it already happened?
Been waiting so very long
How much longer now?

November 13, 2012

A Weak Confession

You’ve changed the way I look at everything
One simple word can take me into memories
Push me so far away from reality, I’m lost
I was done, finished, over, through
But deep down, I miss you like crazy
No one compares to you, no one comes close
I would do anything to get you back
Tears have been threatening my eyes
At every little reminder that we happened
Most days I’m fine, happy, content, healed
But once in a while, there’s a moment of weakness
A moment when I regret telling you goodbye
When I really just need to hear your words
Did either of us really try? Was it meant to be?
If it is, I can’t wait anymore for it to happen
Otherwise, I wish you would leave my mind

December 6, 2012

Move On

Dwelling in the past does nothing for us
We can’t go back in time, we can’t change
What has already been said and done
Obsessing to resurrect any sliver
Of interest he might have had in you
Won’t repair the damage you’ve done
Second chances are rare and sparce
They can be a lifesaver at times
But when extremes were taken in life
There is no hope for a damn redo
Sometimes all we can do is move on
Sometimes it’s a gental suggestion:
“Oh, honey, you should move on”
This time, it’s a too-real demand:
“Stop obsessing and move on”

September 23, 2013

True Love

It flutters in the heart
Moves down the body
Butterflies in the stomach
Highlighting the pit
It ends with a drop
The heart afloat no more
Where butterflies once were
The heart now sits, alone

September 30, 2013

Never Had a Chance

You were like a dream, almost reality
Before you were fully real, you were gone

You took my heart, stole it with charm
Before you gave me yours, you were gone

You toyed with my heart, like a yo-yo
Before I learned the game, you were gone

You blamed me for leading you on
Before I could let you in, you were gone

You said love, forced me to say it too
Before I could believe it, you were gone

You told me to push you out, so I did
Before I realized my mistake, you were gone

November 4, 2013

Only in My Dreams

I look into your eyes, and you into mine.
When we are together, I am perfectly fine.
You pull me into your arms, and then I knew
There’s not a thing anyone could ever do
To ruin the love that we shared, a mutual feeling.
Everything about you, I find appealing.
You’ll always be there for me, this I know.
No matter where my head’s hung, high or low.
We are always together, every minute, hour, day.
We are so in love, and this way we’ll stay.
You’ll say ‘I do’ and I’ll be your spouse,
We’ll have kids and live in a nice house.
When this happens, we’ll be of course, older,
But it has to happen, for the days couldn’t be colder
When I’m not with my love.
I thank the good Lord above
For pairing me with a wonderful guy,
And without you, I’d rather die.
With me in your arms, you whisper in my ear
The three wonderful words I love to hear,
But when I open my eyes to look at you,
I awake alone, and the dream is through.


I Love Him

He is everything I want, isn’t he?
But every time he proves that he’s perfect
I catch him with another girl
Can I ever win? Will I ever win?
I just don’t think it’s possible
Yet, I still love him

June 15, 2010