One, Two, Three?




February 28, 2011

What Should I Do?

Get out of my head, stay out of my dreams
I guess I’m not over you, or so it seems
You turned me away, couldn’t be clearer
But each dream makes me wish you were nearer
Why can’t I just push you out of my life
I would cut you out, but I can’t find a knife
Perhaps I want you in my life, as a friend
But I’m just worried, I don’t want a trend
We, you and me, are at an okay point now
I don’t want that to happen again somehow
But I don’t know what to do, not at all
Maybe, between us, I should just build a wall
Something to keep you fully out of my head
Or do I just let us become friends again instead?

March 6, 2011

For You

So many feelings, but no answers
What do you feel? Why?
What do I feel? How?
Impossible; not reciprocated
Why not? Ignorance, she says
Fate, I say
What do you say?
If you even have an opinion
Father, mother, parents
If that’s true, say “I do”
If not, then what do I know
Four letters, a heartache waiting to happen
Lust or various emotions?
Too much going on my mind
Nothing for certain, all mysteries
So much unknown, deeper
And bluer than the sea
Does everything in life have a reason?
Or are we all chasing dreams
Like foolish ants, running around
Carrying things on our shoulders
Much too big for us, but
Necessary for life
Just waiting for someone, something
Bigger to step on us, ending misery
Nothing’s for certain, I feel, except
You are you
And I am me
And for reasons I can’t begin to explain
Who I am loves who you are

March 23, 2011

Je T’aime

I can’t take it
These feelings
Je t’aime
But it’s not mutual
They say to move on
But love is unconditional,
Uncontrollable, unpredictable
It doesn’t seem fair
But such is life
Je t’aime
Please… Love me
Hold me, kiss me
Scoop me up in your
Arms, let me know
I’m alive, and all for you
You’re alive, and all for me
Love me, like
Je t’aime
You’re nothing I want
But everything I need
If quotes are true
We’re meant to be
I can’t imagine life
Without you
Can’t image losing
Someone like you
Can’t imagine hearing
Those words from you
But still, of course
Je t’aime

March 23, 2011

Just a Friend

Your smile, so beautiful
So sincere, your eyes sparkle
Showing off their brown shine
Amazing eyes, your wall
Hiding all your emotions
Masking how you really feel
Your laugh, so happy, carefree
Like bells ringing, consuming
Feels warm and makes me smile
Complimenting your voice
The only sound I long to hear
I’m in a room, full of strangers
I simply hear your voice
And perk up, feeling safe
The touch of your hand
As it holds my wrist
Simply fooling around
Like two friends, only friends
Being near you, next to you
I feel invincible, secure
Nothing can hurt me, touch me
I hear your name, butterflies
You are my world, love, everything
I am a friend, just a friend

March 24, 2011

Fantasy Versus Reality

Walk past you, grab your hat
Chase after me, try to get it
On my head, run into a closet
Darkness, push me against the wall
Pin my arms, glare at me
Reach my lips, place a kiss
Deepen it, shed clothes, closer
Irresistibility, passion, intensity
Exploration, understanding
Connection, depth, innocence
One moment, one purpose, one goal
Finished, ignore me, of course
Expect no less, wishing more
Everything lost, nothing gained
Love, not your thing
Me, not your type

March 25, 2011