Why Forever

Why did I do that?
What was wrong with me?
Why did I always act like this?
Is there any answer for my prayers?
Is there any solution to what I’ve done?
This is something I’ll always regret doing.
This is something I’ll never understand.
It’ll haunt me for the rest of my life.
But it’s over and done with.
But I can’t take it back.
But it’s permanent.

September 27, 2010


For the first time in her life, she felt free
The wind was blowing in her face
Her hair was following freely behind her
It felt to her as if she was flying
She was finally in control of her life
This was all her decision, alone
And now, no one could tell her no
No one could ruin it for her
She was purely, completely, free

Before this moment, she was scared
Could she actually do it? Should she?
This was the last thing she’d thought of
And perhaps it’d be the best thing ever
She thought of everything that led to this
She’d never been surer of anything, ever
She was used to doing dangerous things
But it seemed like the rush wasn’t enough
Not for her, not any more

Just a second after this rush began
Her mind began working faster than ever
She began to rethink her decision
And in a more negative way now
Was this really what she wanted?
Would this solve everything?
Just seconds ago she felt sure of it
Now that it was too late, she regretted it
She closed her eyes, praying,
“Please, I’m not ready! Not yet!”
Then, praying turned to begging
Tears flew from her eyes
Staining her saddened face
But then she hit the ground
And it was too late

October 18, 2010

What a Difference

I turned my back from this place
So many years ago, left not a trace
I just upped and left, never to return
I couldn’t deal with the never-ending race
There would be no winner in that game
No one wanted love, trust, only fame
I wanted more in life than just that
I knew when I left, I’d never be the same
When I left, my people were still there
I loved them, but not once did they care
They didn’t realize what they were doing
I couldn’t live like that, I just couldn’t bare
Ten years later, I’ve come to check in
Wondering what has become of my kin
I thought they’d still be fighting
Didn’t think someone would win
But it seems I was wrong, and I couldn’t believe
Exactly what’s become of this place since my leave
No one’s survived, none of my people
Nothing’s come out of it, nothing achieved
I walk all around, purely depressed
I see all the places that once gave me stress
I came from this place, yet I’m so different
From all the people that created this mess

October 19, 2010