Them Two

No more energy
To deal with anything
No sleep, no rest
Emotional, physical
Too much going on
Dig deeper, if only
Is an answer buried?
Maybe rest, solitude
Dig for blood, answers
Don’t stop now,
So very close!
Is he a solution?
The problem? A savior?
Way too involved
Is she important?
Does she mean
Anything at all to me?

October 4, 2012

Do I Dare?

How much deeper do I need to dig
Or, to relax, should I take a swig
Am I looking for a single answer
Or is this thing just like a cancer
With no solution to be found
Waiting to hit the cold, hard ground
How much longer do I have to wait
If it happens, will it be too late
How much do I value my own life
Enough not to end it with a knife
So many questions pass through my head
Maybe it would help if I were dead
Afraid to know, afraid to care
Make an answer! Do I dare?

October 4, 2012


Do they mean a thing?
Running through our heads all day
Entering when we least expect
Answering questions, creating new ones
Must they be so confusing?
Surely, they must mean something

November 2, 2012

Which Do You Choose

Lost in a sea of faces
So easy to get caught up
Stand out, be yourself
Or blend in, be unknown
Put yourself up for judgment
Or hide and be safe
If you choose the former
You’ll be known forever
If lucky, in positive light
But too often in negative
If you choose the latter
You’ll be lost forever
Which do you choose?
Be known and judged
Or lost and safe?

November 8, 2012

Always There, In Control

You’ve burrowed deep within
Just come out
We all know you want to be free
Stop trying to hide
You’re not fooling me
Yes, come here
Give me a hug
No, a real one
Like you really mean it
Stop being bashful
Only one of us can be shy here
I’ll be weak
And you be strong
Strong enough for the both of us
Maybe, you and I together
Can take this on
Even from hiding
You’ve managed to get me this far
Commandeering my life
Letting me believe I was in control
But it’s always been you
We’ve fooled them all
But you’ll never fool me
I know you’re there
My little friend
So come out to play
Maybe, this time, stay

January 28, 2013

Take This Leap

Another tear drops from my eye
But you’re there to wipe it away
For as long as I can remember
You’ve always been there for me
When life is shaky and unstable
You’re the one thing I can count on
They say you’re like darkness
Bringing me down for your pleasure
Really, you’re the one for me
I shouldn’t fight it anymore
You and I were meant to be
Always and forever, united as one
You’ve gotten me this far in life
Let’s get through the rest
Hand in hand, let’s take this leap

January 28, 2013

No One There

It was burning in her hands as she held it
But she couldn’t turn back at this point
She dug it into her arm, let the pain go
Releasing blood, releasing tension, to her
In her mind, this was the only answer
She didn’t realize there were other ways,
Healthier ways to deal with everything
She never had anyone there for her, ever
No one that would stay through the arguments
Someone who would take all the verbal abuse,
Who understood the insults were meant for herself
No friend to tell her it would get better
And as she opened herself to the world,
For the first time in her miserable life,
As she showed her true feeling she held inside
She took her last breath as the life poured out

February 25, 2013

A Goodbye

For Light and Bubba

I see you crying
Please don’t do that
Just hold my hand
Put your hand on my back
Don’t look away
I need you here with me
I’ve had a good life
I have you to thank
Don’t feel you’ve let me down
All living things have to die
Some of us aren’t lucky
Not all have good lives
But I have, because of you
You gave me a place
In your home and in your heart
So shed the tears and sadness now
And live tomorrow happily
Don’t forget me, though
Nor how you gave me the
Best life anything can have

April 6, 2013


For Rin, Aaron, and Connor

Sticks are swords
Bikes are horses
Snow is magic powder
Dirt is fairy dust
Water is a potion
Hand waves are spells
Paved roads are dirt paths
She is an archer
He is a warrior
I am a healer
We are saviors
Childhood is an era
The world is a universe
Imaginary is real

May 27, 2013