What a Difference

I turned my back from this place
So many years ago, left not a trace
I just upped and left, never to return
I couldn’t deal with the never-ending race
There would be no winner in that game
No one wanted love, trust, only fame
I wanted more in life than just that
I knew when I left, I’d never be the same
When I left, my people were still there
I loved them, but not once did they care
They didn’t realize what they were doing
I couldn’t live like that, I just couldn’t bare
Ten years later, I’ve come to check in
Wondering what has become of my kin
I thought they’d still be fighting
Didn’t think someone would win
But it seems I was wrong, and I couldn’t believe
Exactly what’s become of this place since my leave
No one’s survived, none of my people
Nothing’s come out of it, nothing achieved
I walk all around, purely depressed
I see all the places that once gave me stress
I came from this place, yet I’m so different
From all the people that created this mess

October 19, 2010