Their Only One

For Mom and Dad

You never truly know how much you love someone
Until you’ve hit rock-bottom in depression
You feel like there’s no place to go,
Even if you don’t feel like ending it all
But there are two special people who,
Beyond everything, know exactly what to say
To make it all better, just like when
You’re three and fall off your bike
Your dad, and his fatherly humor,
Make you laugh, distracting you while
Your mom, and her motherly instinct,
Bandage you up, making it all better
In college, life has thrown me off,
Off of its horrendous roller coaster
And the ones who pick me back off
Are, of course, the same two people
Helping me, fixing me, in the same way
I’ve never felt so loved by them before
Not like tonight. And know I realize
How much they truly love me, their only one

April 14, 2011