Steps to You

Years, reluctance.
Doctors tried to
force me; I didn’t
want to; I refused.
   But what is this?
   For you, I will?
   Hoping you’ll see?
   Is this all in vain?
      I’ve all the proof
      I could possibly
      need to prove my
      love, only for you.
         I’m proud of me;
         I actually did it:
         pushed myself and
         did something to
            try and change a
            thing about me that
            I just don’t like.
            All this, to gain
               your admiration and
               your love. Please,
               see that I mean it.
               Tell me you feel it
                  as much as I do…
                  I’ve taken the first
                  step to you. Will you,
                  do you, can you care?

April 29, 2011