Only in My Dreams

I look into your eyes, and you into mine.
When we are together, I am perfectly fine.
You pull me into your arms, and then I knew
There’s not a thing anyone could ever do
To ruin the love that we shared, a mutual feeling.
Everything about you, I find appealing.
You’ll always be there for me, this I know.
No matter where my head’s hung, high or low.
We are always together, every minute, hour, day.
We are so in love, and this way we’ll stay.
You’ll say ‘I do’ and I’ll be your spouse,
We’ll have kids and live in a nice house.
When this happens, we’ll be of course, older,
But it has to happen, for the days couldn’t be colder
When I’m not with my love.
I thank the good Lord above
For pairing me with a wonderful guy,
And without you, I’d rather die.
With me in your arms, you whisper in my ear
The three wonderful words I love to hear,
But when I open my eyes to look at you,
I awake alone, and the dream is through.