Never Forget, You

For my friends

People come, people go
We all change, in some way
But something that won’t
Is my love for all you

The ones from middle school
That was pure hell and pain
You… took me into your group
Gave me needed acceptance

The ones from high school
That wasn’t any better
You… made the bus one of
My absolute favorite places
You… made one boring class
The absolute best four years
You… were there for me when
The world turned its back

The ones from college
This is the best time
You… gave me life, hope
Confidence I never had

Three different times of my life,
Groups of friends, places in my heart
Each place just as important to me
No matter who I meet and befriend
Each of you have your own place
Only for you, never to be replaced
Never forget this… I sure won’t

March 31, 2011