Monsieur Blanc

For Cotton

You’re more than what you are
They say you’re just one thing
That you have just one purpose
But you burrowed into our hearts
You meant the world to me
More than that best friend
Others don’t understand
But you were something
That not even I can explain
And this feeling now
Hurts so much more
Than I ever thought
It could
I want you back
I’d do anything
I’ve never wanted something
So much in my life
I never thought I could miss
Anything to this extreme
You changed my life
And forever more
I’ll cry over this loss
Because time won’t help
If you’re not by my side
I’m sorry I failed you
I promised I could help
Now we’re both alone
Your heart of gold
Was too just big
But don’t ever change
And don’t forget me
I’ll never forget you
Hold that toy close
Let it comfort you now
As it did before
When I was away
Now, I have to believe
That maybe someday
We’ll meet once again

May 27, 2013