Life Long Ago

For my friends

Many years ago, life was so great.
I had only a few friends,
But we were so happy.
People changed, others moved,
Once the changes were finished,
I had completely changed my group,
Not once, but twice –
Not counting the time I moved states.
How I miss those great times, long ago.

Many years ago, life was so great.
Elementary school, middle school,
It was so easy, simple, fun.
Now, as we grow, the work gets harder,
And stress levels rise.
Changing from school to school,
From elementary, to middle, to high,
It all is hard to adjust, but we do.
Oh, how I really miss the times long ago.

Many years ago, life was so great.
Before good friends changed, moved, left,
Things were going great.
Although I’m older, and stress has increased,
And life has gotten harder, and the temptations
Can seem too great, I have to be honest –
I am not upset with how my life is.
I love who I’m near, my friends mean
More to me than all the hard times.
Though some things I would like to change,
I never would, for those bad times made me
Into the person I am today,
And I have to say,
I’m quite okay with that.