For You

So many feelings, but no answers
What do you feel? Why?
What do I feel? How?
Impossible; not reciprocated
Why not? Ignorance, she says
Fate, I say
What do you say?
If you even have an opinion
Father, mother, parents
If that’s true, say “I do”
If not, then what do I know
Four letters, a heartache waiting to happen
Lust or various emotions?
Too much going on my mind
Nothing for certain, all mysteries
So much unknown, deeper
And bluer than the sea
Does everything in life have a reason?
Or are we all chasing dreams
Like foolish ants, running around
Carrying things on our shoulders
Much too big for us, but
Necessary for life
Just waiting for someone, something
Bigger to step on us, ending misery
Nothing’s for certain, I feel, except
You are you
And I am me
And for reasons I can’t begin to explain
Who I am loves who you are

March 23, 2011