An Alien with AIDS

I don’t understand why I’m treated this way
Like a diseased alien, or someone with AIDS
I’m just as normal as anyone else in this world
I have a heart, I have feelings, I have thoughts
I know what people mean when they do and say things
What I don’t understand is why
Why they would judge me and treat me like an outcast
Like I’m a freaking alien with AIDS or something
Or why they treat me like I don’t have feelings
Because when people do things, it does hurt
Though no one really stops and thinks about how
They’ve all shattered my self-confidence
Of course I realize I over-generalize
Of course I know not every person is this way
There are those out there that have never judged me
Who have treated me like a human like everyone else
Who have given me a chance to be their best friend
But after being rejected as a human so many times
It’s hard not to just assume and expect the worse