A Daughter’s Decision

In the small city she’s always lived
Lana spends most time working at a bar
Ran by her uncle, her mother’s brother
The only father figure in her life thus far

A man walks in, sits down at the bar
He has Lana’s eyes, it’s plain to see
He gives a name, and Lana’s brows raise
She smiles at him. “You’re looking for me?”

“My name is Jim, and you are my sister.
We share a father, the man you don’t know.
Would you like to meet him? You should.
He wants to meet you. He’s dying, though.”

Lana goes, not sure what to expect
She’s always wondered about this man
She wanted to meet him, yell in his face
But him on his deathbed ruins the plan

She tries to be mad, explain her pain
But as he’s dying of failed kidneys
She can’t drag his mood down lower
And she puts her plans on freeze

He needs a donor, but none have matched
Lana knows she could get tested
But she hates the stranger before her
She never wanted so much invested

She’s a match, but doesn’t want to donate
He doesn’t deserve it, and he knows why
Jim doesn’t blame her, says he’d do the same
But she can’t willingly let a human die

She finally decides to give him a kidney
She doesn’t know if it’s to get to know him
Or to be able to let him know her pain
Or if because he was a great father to Jim

December 12, 2015