New Year, New Me, New Website

2020 was the stupidest year I’ve ever experienced. On top of everything going on globally and nation-wide, I lost my cat, had a hysterectomy, lost the position at work I worked really hard for, and had a legitimate mental breakdown almost daily. It was a rough year, but I survived, and now I’m stronger. I’m taking steps to make things better for myself. I’m on new medication, I’m seeing a therapist who I think will be a good match, and I’m back where I belong at work. (Not at the position I want, but I’m confident I will get there with time and patience.)

With the new medication comes feeling good and having energy and inspiration to do things, and one of those things is refreshing my website. I’ve half-assed it over the years, but we’re doing it this time. It’s going to look great. We just have to get there.

So, in the meantime, please bear with me if you come here and it looks broken or it’s hard to read. I probably had to go to bed so I could function the next day, so I had to leave the site where it was. I’ll make a post when it’s done.