A while ago, I was going to start a poem exchange with my cousin Jessi, but that didn’t amount to much, just like most things in my life. But I wrote a bunch of haikus that I forgot to post. (I almost forgot to add them to my master list of poems, too.) So they’re late but posted on here now. I also finally remembered to add photos from two years ago. Guess something good did come from today. The day hasn’t been entirely wasted.

New Content!

I wrote a piece about a certain someone the other day, and I realized it was creative non-fiction instead of fiction. So I added a new category, and some pieces from a class I took years ago at Purchase College. So, a bit of a spam update. But I’m finished adding pieces now.

There is one more piece that I almost want to add, but it’s very personal. It mentions something that I haven’t mentioned on this website yet, and I don’t know if I’m ready for the world to know this yet. Some people already do, people who are very close to me.

I didn’t even tell any of my exes this fact.

So, I’ll have to think on this for a bit longer.

New Year, New Me, New Website

2020 was the stupidest year I’ve ever experienced. On top of everything going on globally and nation-wide, I lost my cat, had a hysterectomy, lost the position at work I worked really hard for, and had a legitimate mental breakdown almost daily. It was a rough year, but I survived, and now I’m stronger. I’m taking steps to make things better for myself. I’m on new medication, I’m seeing a therapist who I think will be a good match, and I’m back where I belong at work. (Not at the position I want, but I’m confident I will get there with time and patience.)

With the new medication comes feeling good and having energy and inspiration to do things, and one of those things is refreshing my website. I’ve half-assed it over the years, but we’re doing it this time. It’s going to look great. We just have to get there.

So, in the meantime, please bear with me if you come here and it looks broken or it’s hard to read. I probably had to go to bed so I could function the next day, so I had to leave the site where it was. I’ll make a post when it’s done.

New Sparks

New interest, new inspiration, new pieces. This new spark is to blame for a poem and a micro fiction that I personally quite like. Even if nothing amounts from this, at least some good art came from it, haha.


I guess if losing a romantic interest could ever be a good thing, it would be because it can spark inspiration. Thanks to a recent fling, I conjured up two sort of sequels to a microfiction piece I wrote a little over a year ago (Space Travel). They don’t have to make sense to anyone, I just need them out there in the universe. It’s part of how I’m privately public. You can have both sides of the coin at the same time.

I also have a new poem that I wrote for a person I can’t stand but will always love.


I have finally migrated my website to a new host: SiteGround. I’m pleased so far. As far as I can tell, it’s significantly better than GoDaddy. My domain is still registered through GoDaddy, but I’ve had no problems with that. Only their hosting.

So, this blog that you’re viewing is no longer located at lizzylee.net/blog, it’s just the default homepage in the root folder. Whoop!

Poem Spam Complete

I have finally posted all my previous poetry to this blog now. A good ninety percent of it is shit, but there are a few diamonds in the rough that I’m proud of. I’ve posted everything so you can see how I’ve grown, or how someone can go from writing beautifully one day to writing like crap the next, or because I just can! If I had to choose only the ones I liked, I might be missing out on one that someone else might personally enjoy, or maybe I’d only post the really bad ones and no one would see the actual good ones. So, I’ve posted all, with the exception of a few that I wish would just burn in hell, haha. Enjoy.


Am I the only one who isn’t fond of GoDaddy’s hosting service? I guess there’s only one real complaint I have, but it’s one that they haven’t fixed for years: WordPress blogs hosted with them are ridiculously slow. I’m so irritated that I’ve spent the past ten years hosting with them. All that money means nothing to them? This Christmas, when my plan is up, I’m hoping to switch to SiteGround. Since it’s my parents who pay for this website (as a recurring Christmas gift), it’s up to them. Had I the resources to pay for this on my own, I’d make the switch automatically. But it’s currently out of my hands, unfortunately. Fingers crossed my father agrees with my decision! Then I’ll actually be able to update this site as I’d like to. Because right now, the only thing stopping me from developing this site is the irritatingly slow page load times.

New Stories and Poems

I’ve been busy! There is some new content here. The poems, some of those are genuinely new, written rather recently. A few of the poems and the stories, I wrote them some time ago, but they’re new to the Internet. “Pride or Desire”, “Dreams”, and “How to Move Back” are micro-fiction pieces. They’re all under two hundred-fifty words! “Assumptions” and “The Car” are just pieces I wrote for classes a few years ago, but somehow never added. I’m mildly proud of them.

The poems, I’m happy with a few of them, but one in specific I wrote for an ex I’m no longer with, so reading it makes me want to vomit. It also makes me wonder where the fuck those feelings came from. The other two new poems, they came straight from my heart, and again I’m mildly proud of them. I hope you enjoy them.

Website Status

This blog will eventually take over the homepage of the website, but for now, it’s hosted under
http://lizzylee.net. Over the next few weeks, you might notice a lot of changes, as well as a few theme changes here and there. You’ll know the website is semi-permanent when http://lizzylee.net no longer works. If that’s the case, try going to http://lizzylee.net and seeing if that works!

I still haven’t decided if I’m going to use this website as a blog, like a personal web journal, or just for photos, stories, poems, and random stuff like that… Decisions, decisions.