A Lifetime

For Light

You’re always my friend
No matter where we are
We’ve been through a lot
And we’re too close
So I’ll never let you out
Of that spot in my heart
Forever’s a short time
In comparison to how long
You and I will be friends
It started in forty minutes
It turned into a lifetime

April 11, 2011

Don’t Stop

For Light

Safe in my heart you’ll always be
As my best friend… No, more like
My unrelated sister; on bad days,
My savior, when I need to laugh.
You’re an amazing part of my life,
Really. Please, don’t ever stop.

April 11, 2011


For Cenza

Gifted with insightfulness
You can make a bad day good
You are filled with kindness
Your large heart is golden
There’s not a thing about you
That anyone can label bad
You’re amazing, I love you
You’re one of my best friends

April 11, 2011

Mother’s Day

For Mom

This Sunday, all twenty-four hours of it, are for you
For only one reason, proven with everything you do:
You’re amazing, loving, kind, caring; these are facts
So sit back, put your feet up, do not a thing, relax
Because you’re always there for me when I’m in need
I’m here for you today, following this day’s creed
Though one day can never repay, I give you this:
A poem written just for you, and a Mother’s Day kiss

April 11, 2011

My Gosh

For Mom and Dad

I hit rock-bottom
Actually let my parents see
I didn’t think they’d care
But both were worried
She texts him, he calls me
I say I hate my parents
But my gosh, they’re amazing
I never know how much,
Until I was at the bottom
And they actually cared
To pull me back up
My gosh…
I love them
And no matter what
I’ll always be his little girl
And forever her babydoll

April 14, 2011

Their Only One

For Mom and Dad

You never truly know how much you love someone
Until you’ve hit rock-bottom in depression
You feel like there’s no place to go,
Even if you don’t feel like ending it all
But there are two special people who,
Beyond everything, know exactly what to say
To make it all better, just like when
You’re three and fall off your bike
Your dad, and his fatherly humor,
Make you laugh, distracting you while
Your mom, and her motherly instinct,
Bandage you up, making it all better
In college, life has thrown me off,
Off of its horrendous roller coaster
And the ones who pick me back off
Are, of course, the same two people
Helping me, fixing me, in the same way
I’ve never felt so loved by them before
Not like tonight. And know I realize
How much they truly love me, their only one

April 14, 2011


For Dad

This special day comes once a year
And you want a poem, so beware
I might get a little sappy
But forget that and just stay happy
No one’s ever as annoying as you
Oh please trust me, this fact is true
But there’s something else you are
And at that, you’re the best, oh, by far
You’re my friend, my guide, my father
I love you for that, you’re like no other
So thank you, Dad, for being a fool
Now take this card and go get that pool

June 19, 2011

How to Tell

How do you tell someone
Something they don’t wanna hear
But something they need to?

What if you can’t let her go
Even if she’s ruining her life
Just to be in yours?

What if you’re ruining your life
To keep from hurting a friend
You can’t stand anymore?

How to you tell yourself
Something you don’t wanna hear
But something you need to?

November 11, 2011


Life is like a roller coaster
At least it’s not boring
And yet I’m so bored with life

I hate to do things alone
But when invited out with friends
I make excuses why I can’t

I hate being bossed around
But when it comes to leading
I prefer to be a follower

I’m so neat and organized
Sometimes, borderline OCD
But my room is a disaster

I don’t want to die alone
But I’m terrified of guys
And I’d never switch sides

I’m a simple, quiet person
I can be so very complex
And sometimes quite annoying

I think I know who I am
But I’m so very lost in myself
And so full of contradictions

February 27, 2012

They’re Wrong

For Jess

They tell you you’re not good enough
But you’re better than anyone
They call you a wimp
But you’re stronger than steel
You have no idea how wrong they are
Or how much you mean to the world
You’re strong, amazing, kind
Determined, caring, and, of course
One of the best friends
I will ever have the privilege
Of getting to know

September 28, 2012