My Friends

For them

My friends…
Silly, stupid, sexy, simple
Crazy, creative, charming, cute
Magical, memorable, mischievous, manic
Cool, caring, childish, comical
Special, super, sarcastic, sincere
Kind, kinky, keen, kooky
And I love them all

March 31, 2011

Our Group

For them

It started as mocking my name: Shovel
We had to add a spork, naturally
And, of course, a rake
But we don’t stop there!
Next, the fork, then spoon, then knife
Are we done? Not even close.
What’s a shovel without a pail?
And we need a spade, we do
And last, but not least, the straw
It started as mocking
It turned into our group

March 31, 2011

How I Really Feel

For Mom and Dad

I was born to both of you
And I absolutely hate it
I wish you could choose
But sadly, impossible
Suffering my whole life
Because you’re stupid
You don’t know a thing
This is not your forte
You piss me off too much
It seems very intentional
Please… Just go away

That’s what I feel outside

I was born to both of you
And I absolutely love it
I wouldn’t change a thing
Even if I had the option
You’re amazing people
Hilarious, adorable
You’re the ones I want
When times get too bad
Please… Never leave me

That’s how I really feel

April 1, 2011

Who You Are

For Mom and Dad



April 2, 2011

Je Vous Aime

For Mom and Dad

Vous, vous êtes là pour moi
Quand je suis dans le besoin
Vous savez que je vous aime
Peu importe ce que je dis
N’oubliez jamais cela
Je vous aime, toujours

You, you are there for me
When I’m in need
You know I love you
No matter what I say
Never forget this
I love you, always

April 2, 2011

A Poem for Her

Much as I yell at you,
      I really don’t mean it
Obviously I must hate you,
      I actually love you
Maybe I take you for granted
      I’m sorry for it
Maybe I’m too rude to you
      I’m sorry for that, too
Yes, I love you, always
      And I’ll need you forever

A Momentary Lapse in Maturity

For Mom

I don’t really want to admit this
But I need you here with me
I know I’m an adult now, but
I’m sick, cold, and need a hug
I just wanna cuddle up with you
Sipping cups of hot chocolate
Watching a funny movie on TV
Chatting about little things in life
I feel like crying, because it’s you
It’s you I want here with me now

April 4, 2011


For Mom and Dad

You can’t choose your family
But maybe I don’t want to
Yeah, I’m stuck with you
And you sure drive me crazy
With everything you ever do
But, you two, I love you
I think that’s plain to see

April 10, 2011