It’s Hard

It’s hard to move on
Even when it’s time
When the one you love
Should be left in the past

We never had anything
But there some were moments
And in those short times
I had fallen in love

I’m broken inside
I just want to be his
Though everyone says
He doesn’t deserve me

I could easily have
A guy who respects me
But in light of an offer
I break down and cry

It’s hard to move on
When he has your heart,
You don’t want it back,
And you only want him

May 1, 2011


Never can I get enough
Close is too far
Forever is too short
But the time between lasts centuries
It started like every other
Words on a screen
Feelings behind a wall
Taken another step, done that before
But you didn’t give up
The dream did not shatter
Everything was mutual
And still I cannot get enough
I cannot holder you any tighter
I cannot love you any more
But I need to, have to find a way
You have filled every inch of my heart
Your hands have covered every inch of me
Yet I still yearn for more
I cannot get enough of you
I need to hold you until we become one
Until time stops and eternity is ours
Because close is too far
And forever is too short

January 5, 2017


I’m at the end of my ability
To cope with this insanity
That’s caused by giving the heart
To a guy who wanted no part
He led me on, then realized
How it seemed, through my eyes
He couldn’t stop, no self-control
It’s too late, it took its toll
Can’t turn back, I’m in too deep
Don’t try to help, the climb’s too steep
I know, I’m stupid, foolish, sad
Holding on to what I never had
My heart is broken, so much pain
If I can’t be his, I’ll go insane

May 3, 2011

No Third Time, Please

Semester one was hard on me
I fell too fast, not once, but twice
Winter break helped me realize
Nothing was what it seemed
But upon return, everything changed
Just one look, and I fell back there
I fell for the one again, harder than before
Only to fall too hard for a third one
Both pulled my life into hell
Further than I’d ever been
Only when summer finally came
Did I finally find my way out
But now, thinking about semester three
I’m worried… And thinking about that one
I fell for him twice already
I hope the third time’s not the charm

August 8, 2011

A Confession

Take what you want
In your drunken stupor
I’ll be there for you
Just like a trooper
I’m always here
All day and night
But with no care
You’ve taken flight
Don’t pretend that
‘We’ don’t exist
Open your eyes
Yes, I insist
Come back home
I need you here
I can’t live now,
Sans you, I fear

August 24, 2011


I’ve tried so hard just to forget you
I hate you so much, with every bit of my soul
What ever happened to that sweet amazing guy
I’d do anything in my power to reverse
You were once the best thing in my life
Now you’re a memory, haunting my smile
Whenever I’m happy, you come into view
You effortlessly crush every one of my dreams
And the worst part is, the part that hurts most
Is that you don’t even try, you could care less
The only cure to this nightmare that’s you
Is something I can’t do when you’re on my mind

October 6, 2011


A dangerous creature
Sexy, demanding, massive
A liar, a player, a man
Tearing through my defenses
Why do I say yes?
Keep away from him
Say goodbye forever
Can’t, though he’s hurtful
Can’t bear to lose him
Something draws me closer
He’s a dangerous man
For whom I have fallen

September 28, 2012


One word, four letters, one syllable
But a million different possibilities
How much power can this word hold?
Everyone wants to hear it, feel it, share it
Such a scary thought, but so magical
Does it have as much power as you give it?
Or does it hold its own, unlimited power?
Can it make you do anything and everything?
Can it be blamed for crazy things you do?
Or is it your fault for giving love the power?

October 12, 2012


All gone, all lost
Do I care at all?
Tears, flowing over
Tainting my heart
Nothing to do
Out of my control
Feel empty, lost
Feel okay, numb
Start again, move on
Do it all over again
Semi-repair my heart
Only to shatter it
Repetition, with no learning
Insanity, in my mind
Insanity, in its prime

October 16, 2012

Our Wants

I wanted to tell you that I love you
That I’d give anything to keep you
That you’re the reason my heart beats

I wanted to ask you if you could wait
If you’d miss me if we never talked again
If you’d never give up on me or leave

I wanted to show you how much I care
How much you really mean to me
How much I miss you when we’re apart

But you don’t care about what I want
You only care about your needs
And I can’t take that anymore

October 27, 2012