You, over there, so far away
I miss you, love you, need you
But distance is good, they say
Do you think of us as I do?
Just a simple hello in the halls
That’s all you’ll hear from me
My feelings, love, nothing falls
When the time is right, we’ll see
If my love for you has held true
And my confidence is built enough
Then I’ll finally hear “I love you”
It’ll be worth it, no matter how rough

March 28, 2011

Worth It?

Not being able to talk to you?
Not being able to hear your voice?
Impossible, cannot be done
I love you, need you
I’ll miss you far too much
But maybe the distance will be
Exactly what we need
To realize what is true
Love? Friendship? Nothing?
Whatever it is, hopefully
It’ll be worth the wait

March 28, 2011

Too Much

If there’s one thing I know for sure
It’s that I think about you too much
All day, all night, alone, with friends
You, Ethan, are on my mind too much
Maybe I don’t know what this means
There’s a lot I don’t know, too much
Maybe I’m just sick, delusional, stupid
But I think I love you, of course too much
Things between us could probably work
But I have a habit of yelling at you too much
I’m trying to work on this, and much more
To be with you, I’m willing to give up too much

March 28, 2011

My Only Wish

Not talking to you will be
The hardest thing for me
I need to hear your laugh
For it sets my smile free
I’m pretty sure I love you
There’s nothing I won’t do
To prove to you my love
How sincerely it is true
If only you felt the same
But of course I’m to blame
I just get too mad
My anger, I need to tame
Maybe I can handle this
To get from you a kiss
And of course a future
That is my only wish

March 29, 2011


Even since last semester, I’ve loved you
Too annoyed to admit or acknowledge it
Hoping it’d go away, now hoping it’s mutual
Now I don’t know what to do…

Of course there’s another guy I’m interested in
Ridiculous how life can’t be so simple

Because he’s everything I want in a guy…
Even down to the name I always imagined
Now I’m almost leaning towards you again

April 29, 2011

Steps to You

Years, reluctance.
Doctors tried to
force me; I didn’t
want to; I refused.
   But what is this?
   For you, I will?
   Hoping you’ll see?
   Is this all in vain?
      I’ve all the proof
      I could possibly
      need to prove my
      love, only for you.
         I’m proud of me;
         I actually did it:
         pushed myself and
         did something to
            try and change a
            thing about me that
            I just don’t like.
            All this, to gain
               your admiration and
               your love. Please,
               see that I mean it.
               Tell me you feel it
                  as much as I do…
                  I’ve taken the first
                  step to you. Will you,
                  do you, can you care?

April 29, 2011


How do you know if you are in love?
How do you know if he is the one?
Why is hating someone so clear?
Why do we know who enemies are?
When will the answers become known?
When will this confusion be cleared?
Who are we meant to be with?
Who determines this, or do we?
What is the meaning of love?
What does this have to do with life?

March 30, 2011


A mysterious word, definitely
Painful, yet beautiful
We want to hear it said to us
But we hold it back from others
One little word, so much power
Unbelievable, what it can do
What it makes us do, want, say
It changes our thoughts, ourselves
Why does it have so much power?
So much control, influence on us
Who gave meaning to this word?
And why? What is the reason?

March 30, 2011

Words & Letters

In just four letters,
So much can be said
In just three words,
He can mess with your head
With two words,
He’ll get you in bed
With seven letters,
You’ll want to be dead
Seven different letters,
Your hunger will be fed
Another two words,
All you’ll see is red
But if you have just those three,
Together, happy, you’ll both be

March 30, 2011

False Map

Our emotions
Why are they so difficult
All mixed up, scrambled
Believe something, and you’ll mess it all up
You’ll make a false map of your thoughts
Make plans and go along with it all
Your mind will think it’s all good
But your heart will beg to differ
It’ll start confusing you, sending mixed messages
You’ll begin to get lost, even with a map
Because the map you made is false
Created on a false interpretation
Can we do such a thing, in our own minds?
Of course we can, because of our emotions
They are so difficult, mixed up, scrambled
It’s best to just forget they exist
If there’s no mess to fight through
There’s no need for the false map

March 30, 2011