Do You Remember?

Do you remember when we met?
Fate hit your car which caused you to hit mine
I was calm the entire time
Because you were there
I didn’t know you yet but you were already calming me
Bringing me to a place where I can shed the armor
Drawing me in and making me smile
I didn’t know you yet, but I was falling in love

Do you remember when we first kissed?
That was the moment I knew I loved you
I kept that to myself for a while
I still barely knew you, but the hours together felt like years
Your touch was warming and exciting
Your lips were soft, and your kiss was gentle yet demanding
Your embrace brought me to a place where nothing else existed
I still barely knew you, but I was yours

Do you remember when we first made love?
That was also the first time I told you ‘I love you’
We had talked about you not being able to say it
So I wasn’t expecting it back
I wasn’t even expecting it from myself
I knew you well enough, and you had me hooked
The way you couldn’t commit to me, despite seeing no one else
You made up in actions what you couldn’t say in words
I knew you well enough, and I loved every inch of you

Do you remember when we first broke up?
You told me this was becoming too serious,
That I would grow tired of your lack of commitment
You called it a preemptive strike
I knew you better than myself, but you pushed me away
I begged you to reconsider, that you were making a mistake
I promised I would be okay with your commitment issues,
That I loved our relationship and you, exactly the way you are
I knew you better than myself, but you shattered my heart

Do you remember when we first got back together?
You realized what I meant to you, and I took you back instantly
My lack of hesitation took you off guard, overwhelmed you
In a “I don’t deserve her” kind of way, but you’re wrong
I love you more than I love myself, and I hope it shows
I always felt like I didn’t deserve someone as perfect as you
Your actions always spoke louder than words could ever
I love you more than I love myself, and I know it’s mutual

August 17, 2021

Cease Denial

Burning bright
                Keep it hidden
Pounding of a drum
                Hush it now
Perpetual occupation
                Force it out
Stolen property
                Feign ignorance

Illusion of safety
                Accept reality

June 1, 2019


Hold me close
Hold me close, let me in
I know what I want
I won’t stop until it’s mine
You’re on the defense
I’m patient and persistent

Be patient and I’ll let you in
Help me find the doors
Hidden, unlocked, untouched
To get past each wall
I play offense and defense

June 1, 2019

A Poem You’ll Never Want to Read

I know you will never abandon what is yours
But I still dream that maybe we can share
What I want to believe I cherish more

I hear the words that I should heed
But all sense of reality is thrown aside
Because this is what I need to survive

Stupidity, desperation, anxiety, aggravation
Nothing is a mystery, everything is known
Still I hear only what I want to hear

May 18, 2017


Let’s explore
every centimeter
of each other
inside and out

Open your heart to me
you have every bit of mine
and I don’t want it back

Vanquish every doubt we have
I have a feeling this
is for forever

Elevate each other
to new heights
places we never thought

August 13, 2014

Take This and Do With It What You Will


In a place claimed
There is something
Not caused by you


I know I should end it
because I tell myself
every day
that I don’t
want it anymore
when I think about
actually doing it
I find I cannot
I actually
love you.


I say it all day, everyday
Am I telling you, or myself?
We both have our doubts
For different reasons

December 14, 2014

I’m Done

I don’t know what I was thinking
Did I really think I loved the first?
Did I really think I wanted the second?
I’m completely done with the second
The first is now just another person

February 28, 2011