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Tag: love

Cease Denial

Burning bright
                Keep it hidden
Pounding of a drum
                Hush it now
Perpetual occupation
                Force it out
Stolen property
                Feign ignorance

Illusion of safety
                Accept reality

June 1, 2019


Hold me close
Hold me close, let me in
I know what I want
I won’t stop until it’s mine
You’re on the defense
I’m patient and persistent

Be patient and I’ll let you in
Help me find the doors
Hidden, unlocked, untouched
To get past each wall
I play offense and defense

June 1, 2019

A Poem You’ll Never Want to Read

I know you will never abandon what is yours
But I still dream that maybe we can share
What I want to believe I cherish more

I hear the words that I should heed
But all sense of reality is thrown aside
Because this is what I need to survive

Stupidity, desperation, anxiety, aggravation
Nothing is a mystery, everything is known
Still I hear only what I want to hear

May 18, 2017

A Question to Fight for What’s Wrong

Anything worth having has to be fought for
But what is worth having?
You know something is wrong
Should you fight for it?
Age grows with time
So will it turn right?
It’s possible to be too late
Fight now or fight later?
True love will never fade
How do you know what’s true?

July 22, 2017

Wish I Knew

Love, should you fight?
Time, can it be right?
Miles, can it thrive?
Years, can it survive?
Hard, should you try?
Easy, would it die?

July 22, 2014


Let’s explore
every centimeter
of each other
inside and out

Open your heart to me
you have every bit of mine
and I don’t want it back

Vanquish every doubt we have
I have a feeling this
is for forever

Elevate each other
to new heights
places we never thought

August 13, 2014

Take This and Do With It What You Will


In a place claimed
There is something
Not caused by you


I know I should end it
because I tell myself
every day
that I don’t
want it anymore
when I think about
actually doing it
I find I cannot
I actually
love you.


I say it all day, everyday
Am I telling you, or myself?
We both have our doubts
For different reasons

December 14, 2014

Ice Cream

Never having ice cream
Can hinder a life
Having ice cream every day
Ruins the treat

Ice cream once in a while
Highlights the good times,
and brightens the bad

December 14, 2014

I’m Done

I don’t know what I was thinking
Did I really think I loved the first?
Did I really think I wanted the second?
I’m completely done with the second
The first is now just another person

February 28, 2011

One, Two, Three?




February 28, 2011