Adventures, Part II

A couple years ago, I went on another adventure with another close friend and coworker, John. We went to the same spot along Route 42 that Stephanie and I went to, because it’s one of my favorite places in this world (so far). I got more really nice shots. We went in August instead of October this time, and because my hiking partner wasn’t on crutches, we went up way farther, too. I hope to go on more amazing adventures soon.

Adventures, Part I

A few days ago, one of my close friends and coworkers Stephanie and I went for a drive, and we stopped at a couple places for a quick hike. First, we stopped at Prattsville, NY and checked out the Pratt Rock. Then, we found a waterfall on Route 42 just outside of Lexington, towards Shandaken.

Legos ♥

I know I’m a nerd. But I love Legos and hey, why not take photos of the dumb little things I make and share them with the world? Yes, I know that half of these are things anyone capable of following directions can make. I don’t care!